Our History

We are a proud company with a 47-year history in laying bitumen and asphalt to repair  and renew driveways, carparks and roads. We specialise in repaving residential driveways and commercial sites. Our philosophy is "No job too big, no job too small".

We have no fancy offices or expensive overheads. We deal with gravel, concrete, and tar, all earthy substances and that's what you get when you deal with us. Old fashioned, straight talk, and the quality results. Our customers never cease to be amazed when they see our work and the impact it has on their driveway and entrance to our home.

In our company's long history, we have never done any advertising. In all of that time, our work has been generated by word of mouth. We can't afford to do anything but great work, because the source of our future business is dependent our customer's complete satisfaction.

Of course, if we're honest, there have been times when we haven’t been as busy as we would have liked, but loyalty from our many happy customers has kept us going for all of those years. Only last month, we took a call from the grandson of one of our first customers wanting some work done at his home. With a 100% guarantee on all our work and our friendly monthly payment plans, you should get a free quote, which is 100% obligation free. Call Sam now on 0431 657 021!


We trade 7 days a week and are available for emergency call outs 24/7.

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